Reasons clients take the IP-IQ Bootcamp
October 31st, 2016 by eservgoorg



IP-IQ Bootcamp has been renamed IPBoostCamp (IP-BC)

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When we have asked clients their reasons for taking the program, we have heard some of the same things over and over.  Clients who have indicated that they believe their IP approach is sub-optimal, have told us: 

  1. Their existing invention identification and accumulation methods don’t “find” the true invention
  2. Their engineers have little if any insight into the underlying patent process
  3. Their team has no real sense of ownership for the end results
  4. Their invention development approach is a set of adhoc processes with inefficient lines of authority and communication
  5. Current IP efforts don’t integrate key outcomes with product marketing and sales
  6. Current IP Work flows are not sustainable-you are continually reinventing them
  7. Current IP workflows do not prioritize key tasking and are not scalable.

Clients have told us that when  they improve their focus on the preferred embodiment it accelerates and improves the quality of their IP filing. IP Bootcamp has helped them do this better and the result has increased their chance of  achieving a real competitive advantage in their market.

Further, increased  communications efficiency among engineering, marketing, and sales, using the IP Boost Camp approach,  has driven improved sales performance of their client facing teams.

When clients learn what the real “IP Pyramid” is and how to turn it upside-down their engineers, technical leaders, and program managers take the lead in working more effectively with outside counsel. They have also said that after the workshop, they know better what to expect from the Patent Office and how to effectively assist in preparing responses to Office Actions. Overall, clients have indicated that that they do accelerate IP protection, while building a strong organic IP process to get you where they need to go.

Once they open the right IP door at the right time, their corridor of uncertainty becomes a lot less forbidding. Let us know your thoughts about these issues and whether you believe IP-IQ Boostcamp fills that need.


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